Accomplished Livermore Real Estate and Business Law Attorney Protects Clients’ Interests

Astute California lawyer also handles bankruptcy and estate planning matters

At Robert C. Borris Jr. Law in Livermore, I know how to anticipate and address difficult legal issues and represent businesses and individuals in the San Francisco area and throughout the rest of California in real estate, business law and estate planning matters, as well as other legal issues, including business bankruptcy. With more than 44 years of experience, I am skilled at developing comprehensive legal strategies and aggressively advocating for my clients’ interests in the courtroom and during negotiations. Whether you need representation in a real estate purchase, advice on incorporating your business or help navigating the probate process, I will thoroughly analyze your situation and determine your best legal options.

Resourceful counselor works to keep clients informed and actively involved

An experienced attorney can help you minimize risk and fully understand the repercussions of the legal decisions you make. I offer the following qualities to my clients:

  • Business law authority — Companies need a legal advocate who understands their unique concerns, and I am extremely knowledgeable on the many legal issues businesses can encounter, from small startups to large, complex organizations.
  • Accomplished trial advocate — When litigation becomes necessary, having a firm and effective advocate who is comfortable in the courtroom is key, and I have a long track record of securing favorable outcomes.
  • Works one-on-one with clients — I understand how stressful legal issues can be and work closely with my clients to better discern how I can help them reach their goals.

I am dedicated to giving you the legal support you need to make sound and prudent decisions.

Meticulous advocate delivers reliable and thorough representation to California residents and businesses

I offer a broad range of legal services to best serve my clients and offer comprehensive representation in the following areas:

Delaying legal action can have severe consequences. I can accurately assess the most complicated of legal issues and will construct a solid plan to address them.

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At Robert C. Borris Jr. Law, I understand how challenging legal issues can be and represent clients across the San Francisco area and throughout California in real estate, business law and estate planning, as well as other legal issues. Call 510-909-2866 or contact me online to schedule a free consultation at my Livermore office.

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